About Us

About Us

High Performance Services and Business Ltd is a business that started its operation in August 2011 and since then the company focused on providing a wide range of agri-business related advisory services and technical support in business areas such as market penetration, business expansion, product and service branding to mention a few. Since then the company has established a strong working relation with several labor interest groups here in Rwanda and these include farmers' associations, cooperatives, Unions and small scale individual developed businesses.

Through its services, the company grew its knowledge base support to promote individual and group based farmer businesses especially those dealing in rice cultivation, and continuously enabled them to accesses farm inputs and trainings on the use of modern farming and harvesting technologies. Therefore in interest to strengthen and enhancing its ultimate services to these farmers, HPS&B LTD is  managing a rice processing facility that is owned by Gafunzo Agro Processing Center LTD (GAPC). This facility is located in Muhanga district, about 35 Km south of Rwanda.

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High Performance Services & Business (HPS & B)

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