HPS & B Mission

Our mission at HPS&B is to foster integrated socio-economic programmes through optimum utilization of resources using appropriate technology and innovations for improved livelihoods of the communities within the country.

Our main purposes at High Performance Services and Business LTD (HPS&B) include:

  • Improve the quality and quantity of paddy rice,
  • Increase rice production through addressing technolgy needs,
  • Provide and promoting rice farmers with reliable and professional techincal support, technology and unparalleled customer services.

Key to success:

  • Building and maintaining strategic alliances with our manufacturers and other industry related business partners;
  • Adopting a customer- and market-focused sales and marketing paradigm;
  • Managing the business by implementing, and consistently measuring and adjusting the fundamentals of a Balanced Scorecard:
    • Financial Goals vs. Results
    • Internal Business Process Goals vs. Results
    • Employee Learning and Growth Goals vs. Results
    • Customer Satisfaction Goals vs. Results

HPS & B Objectives

1. Produce edible rice that appeals to the customer- i.e. rice that is sufficiently milled and free of husks, stones, and other non-grain materials
2.Maximize the total milled rice recovery out of paddy minimize grain breakage
3.To promote Cooperation among members.
4.To process paddy purchased from grower members as well as non- grower members and add value to benefit the members.
5.Maximize the total milled rice recovery out of paddy minimize grain breakage
6. To create suitable market for the finished products of grower members and to ensure remunerative prices to improve their financial position.
7. To help and guide the grower members by providing them technical guidance by agricultural officers and providing seeds, organic fertilizers, pesticide etc.

Contact Information

High Performance Services & Business (HPS & B)

Phone: (250) 788 30 40 57

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Kigali, Rwanda